CIOB builds a clearer path towards Chartered careers


Batty France Consultancy are delighted that, as a Chartered Building Consultancy, the Chartered Institute of Building is changing its grade structure.  This should encourage more people to become chartered, increasing the level of professionalism within the industry and improving recognition of Chartered status.  The changes will provide a clearer differentiation between chartered and non-chartered members, creating a structure that can be more easily understood by employers, clients and the general public.

From 1 July 2015 anyone joining the Institute will be known as a Student or Applicant, indicating that they are working towards Chartered membership (MCIOB or FCIOB).  They will not be permitted to put letters after their name until they have become a fully Chartered Member or Fellow.

Associate (ACIOB) and Incorporated (ICIOB) grades, which were introduced as transition grades towards Chartership, will be closed to newcomers.

The CIoB Deptuy CEO, Bridget Bartlett, said: “…this grade change provides much needed clarification for employers, clients and industry newcomers.  We hope that it will encourage more people around the world to take up the benefits of a Chartered career.  The MCIOB qualification is comparable to a bachelor’s degree and is recognised internationally. As well as providing independent validation of members’ skills and competencies, chartership also indicates commitment to continual improvement and ethical working practices.

More information about the grade change is available on the CIoB Website

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