Jinnah Restaurant, Gatehaus, Bradford

Jinnah Restaurant is seeking expressions of interest for the fitting out of ground floor space in the Gatehaus building in Bradford as a restaurant and now invites eligible companies to indicate their interest in tendering for the construction work.

Interested companies must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the project as listed below:

  1. Presentation of the firm: including Company Profile, Fields of specialisation and organisation, Accreditation;
  2. Description of similar assignments
  3. Technical capabilities
  4. Experience over the last 5 years
  5. Availability of appropriate skills among staff: including Staff profile, Principle members of the firm;
  6. Evidence of financial stability;
  7. Any other information that certifies your qualification to perform the above project

Companies may be invited to give a presentation on their firm’s qualifications and capability to perform the above project.

Expressions of interest are invited by email.

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