Accurate estimates are the basis of sound project planning.  Our team is highly experienced and well respected by the building profession in providing accurate estimates.

We use the latest estimating software, Causeway, which can import / export in CITE format

Typical work activities include:

  • Detailing all the materials necessary for the contract to achieve specification;
  • Estimating the cost of plant and equipment;
  • Working with the planning engineer – a prediction of the likely progress and completion rate of the project must be calculated, bearing in mind bonus payments and sub contractual arrangements;
  • Calculating a final figure for the estimated cost, supplemented by adjustments for overheads and profit, and presenting a tender price;
  • (As and when contracts are won) monitoring and storing costs through the use of computers to improve the accuracy of future pricing – this is primarily a head office function and is sometimes integrated with the quantity surveying activities.



Recent Estimating Work

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