All the Principals of Batty France have experience in undertaking and advising on Quinquennial Surveys on Church Buildings / Manses and Vicarages.

Quinquennial inspections involve a thorough survey of all aspects of a building’s structure and fabric and are intended to identify problems which have developed since the last time it was inspected and to establish priorities for repair to ensure the preservation of the fabric.

Quinquennial inspections are undertaken every 5 years [quin] which usually enables problems to be caught before they cause a major problem.

The inspection represents a valuable contribution to the care of a building and a continuing record of the condition of the building, the importance of which should not be underestimated.

The neglect of church buildings, or the avoidance of Quinquennial inspections, on the basis of”we’d rather not know” or “we cannot afford either the cost of the survey fee or the works”, is not
reasonable stewardship.  Ignoring known defects, neglecting adequate maintenance and failing to
deal with necessary repairs are irresponsible and, more importantly, are a breach of managing
trustees’ obligations.

Content of the Report

Our reports will include:

Preliminary information: Particulars of the site and the buildings.  Description of the building and its history.

Main part of the report: Works since the last inspection.  General condition of the building.  A summary of repairs needed.  Recommendations for further detailed or specialist inspections.  The report should also cover such matters as furnishings, monuments, the heating system, the electrical installation, the lightning protection installation, sanitary facilities, fire precautions, security, disabled access and external areas and boundaries.


Usually include a set of digital photographs – particularly of areas not normally visible and of specific defects highlighted in the