Traditional Quantity Surveying Service

What is a Traditional Quantity Surveyor?

Generally a Quantity Surveyor has been a ‘measurer’ in the Construction Industry, a career which started in the 19th Century.  The profession developed in these early years to the preparation of quantified schedules of works – quantifying the labour, plant and materials for activity’s on a building project so that an accurate price could be submitted for tender purposes.  Parity was the key in this regard and tendering contractors were able to ALL price the same quantities…

Commonly working under a Project Manager or Architect the Quantity Surveyor now assists with the entire construction process from inception to completion.  Traditional services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Estimating and cost control;
  2. Measurement;
  3. The tender process, including production of Bills of Quantities, Schedule of Works, Employer’s Requirements and Specifications;
  4. Post-contract financial management and contract administration;

Batty France Consultancy does all these things. And more.